Your Toolkit

“Man is a tool-using animal…Without tools, he is nothing; with tools, he is all.”

Thomas Carylye

Criswell Freeman, in “When Life Throws You a Curve ball…Hit it,” writes of the time when he was in real estate property management. His lead maintenance man, Alvin Wilson, had unorthodox method of interviewing.

Occasionally in the interview process  Alvin would ask a technical question, but most of the time he’d engage in seemingly idle conversation. Then  without exception Alvin would ask the applicant, “May I see your toolkit?” This was the applicant’s defining moment of truth. What kind of toolkit did the applicant have?

If someone were to ask you and me ‘May I see your toolkit?” what would we be able to show as your set of working tools?  We all, in at least a figurative sense, have some sort of toolkit, a definite resource package that we can take with us wherever we go and with whomever we interact.

Our ability to get what we want in life will be very much dependent on what we have in our toolkit and the skill and timing in the way we use our resources. For most of us that means a challenge of  lifelong learning and enhancing the use of our resources.

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