To all you NO to GO Successful Negotiators:

November 11, 2011

These few concepts, when one truly cares enough to apply them, brings success and value to their work and lives.

When I was on the Caltech faculty my family lived in Pasadena, California, walking distance to campus. One summer day my two oldest sons, Ken and Eric, were playing football in the street outside. Watching from my home office window I could see they were about ready to come inside, no doubt to raid the refrigerator as growing teenage boys are known to do. I also noticed that my youngest son, Douglas, was sad because his older brothers, Ken and Eric had not invited him to play with them outside.

I turned to Douglas and said “Douglas, let’s hide behind the front room sofa and when Ken and Eric come in they won’t see us and then we will surprise them.” Douglas responded with wisdom far beyond his four years of age, “What if they don’t care?”

Yes- of course- What if they don’t care- and they didn’t –as they rushed past us to converge on the refrigerator and its contents inside.

Never make a concession, while negotiating, without making it conditional on getting something back in return. Work towards a mutual gain for all parties.

BOON- (Best Option Outside Negotiation)

Before entering a negotiation, be sure you have a well-thought-out BOON.

Boon is the best course of action away from the table. Do you have a bankable action? Nothing beats a good backup.

Influence and Authority

If the other party has influence but no authority to make a concession- work to give them enough “Bragging Rights” to convince the authority to give  you what you asked for.  Before they present your offer to the decision maker(s)- be sure they  will recommend to their client that they accept your offer.

Checking in to check out.

Billy, a 10 year old 5th grader- checking in to check out with Mrs. Anderson- to be sure she was satisfied with his gardening work- How many of us check in to check out how well we are doing with your customers, your spouses, loved ones? Don’t assume- check in to check out.

DO “Hollywood “ your concessions.

Never underestimate the power of packaging your concession.
Keep flying and soaring, no wobbling.