Best Audience-

I was at a New York Conference and found myself sitting next to Lucie Arnaz- an actress, singer ,dancer ,producer and daughter of Lucille Ball  and Desi Arnaz of I Love Lucy TV show.

At the break in the session I turned to Lucie Arnaz and remarked that one of my Hollywood High School classmates, the world famous comedian Carol Burnett  had said something  incredibly complimentary  about her mother that I have never forgotten

I told her that Carol Burnett remarked that in real life, Lucy was so different from her public persona  on the “I Love Lucy Show”.  Carol said’ “Whenever I talked to Lucy, she became my best audience.”

She was saying that Lucy truly listened, cared, empathized and actively was there for Carol.

I thought to myself- Oh wow. For how many people ,friends, family, colleagues, negotiating partners and others am I their best audience?

What might happen in the next time when we are with someone and we truly become  their best audience?

Always good to hear from you and I always respond back.

Keep flying and soaring-


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