There is the story of a forest weasel who sat upon a rock and watched potential prey go by. All of a sudden, he would attack one and kill it. When asked,

Weasel, how do you determine which prey to strike and kill? the weasel answered, I just watch their walk. If they walk as if they don’t know where they are going, and wobble, I move in for the kill and hit them.

As the weasel watched the potential prey walk by, he looked for weakness and vulnerability, for lack of purpose and direction. Instead of Mr. Weasel sitting on a rock, looking down at potential prey, imagine your Mr. Weasel, your counterpart, watching you. It’s as simple as that. So don’t wobble!

Our metaphoric weasel can sometimes take the human form of muggers. A TV talk-show host interviewed some ex-muggers (“ex” because they were now in jail). She asked them how they chose whom to mug out of all the possible victims walking on the streets of the city.”

They replied that if a person’s walk indicated they were scared and did not know where they were going, if they were indecisive and seemed confused, they hit them. On further questioning, they remarked they seldom would consider, let alone attack, an individual—regardless of age, sex, or size—if the person appeared confident, direct, and purposeful in their walk and where they were going.

Remember, such signals sent by the wobbler in a negotiation as: “I don’t now what I want”: I am not a good negotiator”; I don’t have any negotiating power”;“I lack the commitment and focus in getting it”; “I am vulnerable; come and take advantage of me.” Well, maybe not in so many words .

When sitting, just sit. When standing, just stand. Above all, dont wobble.” Confucius saying.