“Always a lot of room out in front.”

Recently  my alma mater Hollywood High School was named to Register of Historic Places. That brought back fond memories and some life lessons learned while there.

I played  football at Hollywood High School when we played for the Los Angeles  City football championship in the Los Angeles Coliseum. As the football coach was also the track coach- Coach Ernie Nauman had us go out for track. I ran the 440-yard race.

In the track meet against Los Angles High School, I finished near to the last. After the meet, I complained to Coach Nauman   that at the first turn – one of the LA High school runners cut me off which broke my stride. “I could have placed and even won if I hadn’t been cut off”.  I mumbled.

Coach responded.  “Rob, there is always a lot of room out in front.”

I thought Coach must be crazy- “A lot of room out in front”.

Later I realized he was telling me if I had been out front, no one would have been able to cut me off. Even to this day, I think about what that means- to be out in front.

It can have many different meanings for any of us. Perhaps it means  to reach out to others to let them know they are important to us and to simply thank them more often.

Maybe “a lot of room out in front’ is a special  invitation to  step out in front in faith and confidence that we can and will make a  positive difference in our life and  the lives of others.

It has been my privilege to work with  many of you through  seminars , consulting,  coaching and publishing.

You are important to me. Thank you.