What this book is about, and why you should read it.

Why do some people apply their education, knowledge and skills to live a successful life. While others equipped with the same assets don’t, and go on to live a life that disappoints and pales by comparison. This book will teach you how to break the cycle of excuses, recognize self-sabotage, and what to do about it in order to be the success you have the power to be.

How will this book do this, and what makes it stand apart:

For centuries parables have been the most powerful way to instruct others

In order to illustrate these two types of people this book uses a parable. A parable of two turkeys blessed with the same opportunity; instruction on how to fly. While one turkey makes use of what he has learned and goes on to become a soaring success. The other turkey becomes paralyzed by doubt, fear, and one excuse after another as to why he won’t fly.