Checking in to Check Out-

A reminder about the assumption we may make and the importance of checking in to check out those assumptions. Inaccurate assumptions can kill an otherwise potentially mutually beneficial negotiation and relationship.

I feel a little like the youngster in the following example wanting to check in with you as it has been some time since the last coaching message.

Billy was a ten-year old fifth-grader who had a small yard and gardening business he conducted after school and on Saturdays afternoons but not on Sundays. One Saturday morning, Billy was in Harold’s barbershop waiting to get a haircut. Harold was still busy with a customer, so Billy went over to the telephone and made the following call. He didn’t have a cell phone.

“Hello, Mrs. Anderson,” he said.” I am a fifth-grader,and I have a lawn and gardening service that I do after school and on the Saturday afternoon and I was just wondering, Mrs. Anderson, if you would like me to take care of your lawn and garden?”

“Oh, you already have someone doing that for you.” “Oh, you are very satisfied with their work”? “Oh, and you are not thinking about making a change.” “Oh, well, thank you for your time, Mrs. Anderson,” and he hung up the phone.

Harold had overheard the conversation and said to Billy, “Billy, I thought you took care of Mrs. Anderson’s lawn and garden.”

” I do,” said Billy. “I was just checking in to check out how well I was doing.”

Ten-year old and in the fifth grade.

Should you and I do any differently- checking in to check out how well we are doing with your clients, family, co-workers..?

Right now I am checking in with you to check out to see if you find these NO to GO® coaching messages valuable.

Always great to hear from you.

Keep flying and soaring,