The Manipulation Trap

Virtually every seller has at one time or another dealt with a manipulative buyer, a buyer who was out to take unfair advantage of them. This book provides a framework for sellers in their dealings with difficult, manipulative, unscrupulous buyers. It is a book with practical principles, strategies, and formulas for how not to be manipulated by devious buyers against your will. It can be read in its entirety. It can be read in sections. It can be used as a resource book or an instruction book.

Buyers come in various sizes, attitudes, and intentions. There are buyers who need to be educated to the value of what the seller is proposing to them. When these buyers understand the value compared to price, they are in a much more informed position to buy intelligently or not at all.

There are buyers whose role and situation determines their buying approach. Recognize what context they are working in, what their role and positions are, and what needs and issues they are dealing with in buying.

There are the obstinate buyers because that is their nature. They are not necessarily out to deceive you, to con you, to beat you up as a buyer. They are simply difficult personalities. Recognize that it is merely their nature to be difficult.

There are those buyers who may use outright bullying tactics, deceiving tactics, and ploys of all kinds to create less than a good deal for you. These buyers set manipulative traps such as telling you your price is too high when it isn’t and they know it. They will tell you they can get a better deal down the street when they can’t. They will tell you they can only pay so much for your product and services when that is simply not true.

Some buyers set manipulative traps designed to work you into a state of mind so that you will give in to their demands. Regardless of the degree of their ploys and the nature of their intentions, they set manipulative traps because they see a benefit in doing so. It fits into their view of themselves and their world. It gets them what they want. Their goal may be to cut your prices, to get more favorable terms at no cost to them, to con you into giving up value without receiving value in return.

By being sly, indirect, coercive, and obnoxious, the manipulative buyer is counting on you to give into their demands because you, as a seller, simply don’t want to have to deal with them. So you take the path of least resistance and let them have their way. That is a big NO-NO.

In dealing with a buyer’s manipulative traps and intimidations, the first great commandment is: “Don’t let them scare you. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Be prepared. Know the value of your product and services. Defend it with integrity. Be constantly on guard.”

The purpose of The Manipulation Trap is to provide guidelines and tools for the seller to use in dealing with any kind of manipulation, smokescreen, deceit, and any form of detrimental behavior a buyer may attempt to use.

Buying and selling is a competitive business. Profit margins are tight; profits are vulnerable and subject to attack. A profit and price erosion can happen when you are not looking. Stay alert, ask the right questions, and listen to what is being said and also what is not being said. Call time-out, do your homework, and be vigilant.