25 Most Common Mistakes . . .

Astute and successful Negotiators learn from their negotiating mistakes. They acknowledge that they have made a mistake, work to correct it-and become more effective negotiators because of it.

The 25 most common mistakes in this book have been complied from the stories of actual negotiators. Over the years, these men and women have talked frankly about how they had been trapped by errors in past negotiations—and how they had moved to correct their own mistakes.

At first glance, this approach to the subject of negotiating might strike one as negative. That in itself would be a mistake- because this is a positive book. It is based on a win-plus, mutual gain approach to negotiating where both parties come out better for having entered into the negotiation process together.

A fundamental point about these common mistakes is that they take the possible win unnecessarily away from one party, and in many cases, from both parties.

Learn from the mistakes of successful negotiators-Read and reflect on these 25 common mistakes. Let them speak to you. Let their message be unique to you, personal and valuable.