None of us lives in an automatic-agreement world, and therefore we have to negotiate most of the agreements we have with others- at work, home and in life. Anything that we cannot exclusively provide for ourselves we must seek from others. This almost always represents some sort of give- and –take negotiation. However, most people do not see themselves as negotiators.

Far too many of life’s joy and opportunities are lost for failing to ask for and getting what we want (almost always a negotiated process).

Have you ever wondered:

  • How much more successful in life you’d be if you were a better negotiator?
  • How you could have avoided “wobbling”?
  • Why you saw things so differently from the other party?
  • Why you didn’t negotiate as well as you knew how?
  • Why you felt taken advantage of?

When it comes to negotiating, most of us have asked ourselves these questions- and many, many others. But now, in How to Get From NO to GO presents clear-cut, proven methods for negotiating winning agreements, no matter how challenging the situation.

Drawing on three decades of experience teaching negotiating professionally, writing and speaking to thousands of men and women worldwide, Dr Rutherford has taken the best of these experiences and has combined them with wisdom, humor and his own insights to create a delightfully presented, readily understandable advice on dealing successful with anyone, anywhere, on any matter.

Now for the fist time this proven advice is available in book form for everyone to profit from. As you read these 46 lessons on how to get from No to Go, you will be encouraged, enlightened, and motivated to gain more from any and all of your relationships, at work at home, and in life.