Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Rob Sends out periodic Coaching messages via e-mail to all attendees of NO-To-GO® programs. Here is an example:

Negotiating and meeting needs.
In negotiating, needs come in two sets and both must be meet in order to go from NO to GO. There are situational and personal needs. The two are different and may not even be related.

For example you are interviewing for a job-you meet and even exceed the corporate situational needs e.g. Ph.D. in chemistry, 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, published in the field, high recommendations from past employment, self motivated and self starter.

Meeting all these situational needs will get you nothing IF you do not meet the personal needs of the interviewer and/or prospective boss. If you are seen as someone they cannot trust, unnecessarily difficult person to work with, someone who might embarrass them-you will not get the job irrespective of how well you met the situational needs.

Put yourself in the other person’s position.

Consider doing homework as getting ready. Take time to know what the other party needs to get out of the negotiation. Busy people are apt to slip in devoting time for preparation. When you rightly prepare and they don’t you gain the advantage even when they are smarter (is that possible) more powerful, etc.

Don’t wobble. Stay focused be a good listener. No one listens well when he or she are so eager to talk.

Check out your assumptions. Stop guessing. How old was little Billy? Ten years old and in the fifth grade-and he had the good God given common sense not to assume that is best client- Mrs. Andersen was pleased with the way he took care of her garden and lawn after school. He checked in to check out that assumption. Should we do any less with your important assumptions?

Keep flying and stay the course in getting from NO to GO.