Monday, August 3, 2020

Preparing for Negotiation:

  1. Know the Purpose
  2. Understand issues thoroughly
  3. For each party list:
    a. Needs, wants, concerns
    b. Strengths and weaknesses
    c. Best Options
  4. Assess ability to negotiate
  5. Prioritize Demands
  6. Develop commitment to negotiate
  7. Select appropriate strategies
  8. Cost Benefit Analysis

In the Negotiating Arena:

  1. Seek win-win results when possible
  2. Expect to win
  3. Manage both parties’ expectations
  4. Know what you want
  5. Avoid me vs. them attitude
  6. Watch body language
  7. Be flexible
  8. Develop viable options prior to and during negotiation
  9. Give and take creatively
  10. Use power sources
  11. Focus on needs and wants
  12. Keep score
  13. Gain best agreement

After the Negotiation:

  1. Get clear signed agreement
  2. Reaffirm value
  3. Reinforce the mutual benefits
  4. Prepare for future negotiations