Monday, August 3, 2020

“Rob, your style of wrapping up key concepts into illustrative stories was phenomenal. ”

Dan Hart – Delta Launch- The Boeing Company.

“The information presented by Dr. Rutherford provides an explicit model for thinking through the process of planning and conducting a negotiation.”

Alexander K. Rogers
Director, Pacific Ranges
Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons

“Some of the best, most relevant and illustrative examples from real life/business I’ve ever seen.”

Dane Conklin- Litton Systems.

Outstanding! Dr. Rutherford’s seminar was so in tune with today’s world it’s scary.”

Marvin Smith, Boeing.

“Rob- I thoroughly enjoyed your class and felt that it was the best value for time spent of any the classes that I have taken.”

Bob Blaser Honeywell Satellite Systems.

Generally, a work day doesn’t go by where I don’t use the skills learned from your workshop. The skills prove very beneficial to me and my company in my job as Contracts Administor.
The homework excercise and its related processes have yielded the highest benefits. I enjoy receiving these notes from you from time to time. Thank you.” Regards,
Dave Hamilton
Wyle Systems

“Excellent. Content goes beyond negotiation applications.”

Ray Wall – NASA JPL

“I have to admit that while I have been negotiating large (millions of dollars) patent agreements for over 12 years,as the weeks fly by your examples and advice is really reminding me of what works and what doesn’t.And for that I thank you. At the close of the class I did not realize what I had obtained …. You now have a believer.”

Joeseph M. Sommer – Division Manager AT&T

“Rob, have practiced the basics of negotiating from the perspective gained in the short time that we were together in Las Vegas. It’s simple yet amazingly powerful. Thanks for the tools.” Ken Terry – Regional Manager Aramark

“Rob!!You are the undisputed master of post seminar
follow-up!!! You have earned such a strong following, and such a positive reputation here at Ato Findley it is hard to describe. People routinely copy your e-mail to others not on your list, and every month we ALL look forward toyour updates.

Thanks for your continued coaching…you really are the master!!!!”

Mark Adams – Global Sales Director