What this book is about, and why you should read it.

Why do some people apply their education, knowledge and skills to live a successful life. While others equipped with the same assets don’t, and go on to live a life that disappoints and pales by comparison. This book will teach you how to break the cycle of excuses, recognize self-sabotage, and what to do about it in order to be the success you have the power to be.

How will this book do this, and what makes it stand apart:

For centuries parables have been the most powerful way to instruct others

In order to illustrate these two types of people this book uses a parable. A parable of two turkeys blessed with the same opportunity; instruction on how to fly. While one turkey makes use of what he has learned and goes on to become a soaring success. The other turkey becomes paralyzed by doubt, fear, and one excuse after another as to why he won’t fly.

None of us lives in an automatic-agreement world, and therefore we have to negotiate most of the agreements we have with others- at work, home and in life. Anything that we cannot exclusively provide for ourselves we must seek from others. This almost always represents some sort of give- and –take negotiation. However, most people do not see themselves as negotiators.

Far too many of life’s joy and opportunities are lost for failing to ask for and getting what we want (almost always a negotiated process).
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25 Most Common Mistakes . . .

Astute and successful Negotiators learn from their negotiating mistakes. They acknowledge that they have made a mistake, work to correct it-and become more effective negotiators because of it.

The 25 most common mistakes in this book have been complied from the stories of actual negotiators. Over the years, these men and women have talked frankly about how they had been trapped by errors in past negotiations—and how they had moved to correct their own mistakes.

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Just in Time

“I just don’t have the time!” How many times a day do you find yourself saying that? Recognizing that there never is enough time for every worth while task let alone for all the less than worthy tasks, JUST IN TIME helps you to identify and attain your most important values and goals.

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The Manipulation Trap

Virtually every seller has at one time or another dealt with a manipulative buyer, a buyer who was out to take unfair advantage of them. This book provides a framework for sellers in their dealings with difficult, manipulative, unscrupulous buyers. It is a book with practical principles, strategies, and formulas for how not to be manipulated by devious buyers against your will. It can be read in its entirety. It can be read in sections. It can be used as a resource book or an instruction book.

Buyers come in various sizes, attitudes, and intentions. There are buyers who need to be educated to the value of what the seller is proposing to them. When these buyers understand the value compared to price, they are in a much more informed position to buy intelligently or not at all.
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